Carpet Installation

We can help guide you in your decisions

Wall-to-wall carpeting is an excellent way of creating a look for your home decor that ties all its elements together. Color and pattern can both be used to create either a total look, or separate spaces that meet different functions. Not to mention its insulating abilities - blocking out noise and the cold. In a New York winter, who wants to put their feet down on a freezing cold floor?

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance

We believe that every customer deserves the best service possible, that’s why we stand behind our work. We come to all job sites fully prepared to install carpets as needed and pay attention to detail in order to insure that every customer is satisfied. Carpet installation is an art and attention to detail is a must in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Have your own carpet?

Do you have your own carpet but no one to install it for you?

No worries, we here at Finish Floors will be happy to install any carpet that you have purchased elsewhere. Whether you have the carpet, padding, or both we will gladly provide you with whatever materials you are missing and install the carpet on steps or rooms.

Project Photos