Hardwood Floor Installation

Having your hardwood flooring installed correctly is the key to beautiful hardwood flooring. At Finish Floors, we have the training and experience to deliver superior hardwood floor installation services to our customers every time you choose us. Here is a little information about our flooring installation services.

We specialize in three different methods of installation: Nail Down, Glue Down, and Floating techniques.

Nail Down

If the chosen hardwood is 3/4″ solid, then often the nail down method is used. In this method, nails are used to attach the flooring to the sub flooring below it. The sub flooring must also be made of wood.

Glue Down

This is best for tongue and groove engineered hardwood floors. In this system, an adhesive is primarily spread on the subfloor prior to laying down the engineered flooring. This method is also used for laying down parquet flooring.


This method is primarily used for laying down engineered wood flooring. In this method, no part of the flooring is fastened or attached to the sub flooring prior to installation of wood planks. This is basically a speedy installation mode that’s known to deliver great results.

We will work closely with you to ensure that you get the best possible hardwood floor for your home. We start every project with a free on-site consultation in which we listen to your flooring needs, preferences, and budget; evaluate your home's conditions, subfloor, and level of traffic; and discuss the pros and cons of the wide range of flooring options available to you.

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hardwood floors

hardwood floors