Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Are your hardwood floors starting to lose their shine? If your floors look dull, scratched or even faded, it is time to call Finish Floors. We have the training and experience it takes to make your hardwood flooring look new again. Our hardwood floor refinishing services are a way to make them beautiful again without the high cost of replacement.

Sanding and Refinishing

We begin by determining the proper grit sandpaper required and number of sanding passes necessary for each specific work site. Based on experience, we will recognize the grit needed to remove any old finish, scratches and/or embedded dirt within the wood floor while not allowing too much wood to be removed with each pass. The floor may need to be sanded two to four times depending on the age and type of finish, and the condition and species of wood being refinished.

Buff and Recoating

A Buff and Recoat is the best-kept secret in the hardwood flooring world. It’s the process of sprucing up an existing coat of polyurethane by top-coating it. (This is sometimes referred to as “buff and coat” because the screen is often driven across the floor by a buffer.

A screen is just a mesh encrusted with abrasive particles. Because it is a mesh, there are fewer abrasive particles per square inch, making it generally less aggressive than sandpaper (a 120-grit sanding screen, for example, will be less aggressive than 120-grit sandpaper.)

Screens are also used under thick soft pads that further soften the cutting action of the screen. This is desirable because floor screening should only leave enough texture in the floor to allow a new coat of polyurethane to bond; screening should remove only a tiny fraction of the existing finish.

Hardwood Repairs

Our commitment to you is to professionally repair and restore your existing floors to their most beautiful state so your investment continues to benefit you through the years. Whether your floors are dull, lackluster or just look dirty no matter how much you clean them, our full-service restoration services are guaranteed to make you fall in love with your hardwood floor again.

Take a look at the specific repair services we offer:

  • Water damage floors
  • Split or cracked wood
  • Gaps in between planks
  • Buckling
  • Cupped Floors
  • Warped hardwood floors
  • Deep gouges or dents
  • Scratches on hardwood floors
  • Damaged Hardwood floor boards
  • Squeaky noises
  • Other Hardwood repair problems
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