Services Offered

Hardwood Floor Installs

We can create a “one-of-a-kind” floor design reflective of your individual personality or sense of style.

Hardwood Refinishing

We use dust containement systems while sanding and our products are safe, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Tile Installs/Remodels

Our job is to help create the ambiance and atmosphere you’ve always been dreaming about.

Carpet Installs

We are the experts in carpet installation, repairs, and re-stretching.

3 Things To Consider Before Choosing New Floors For Your Dream Home

Choosing the right floors are important for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Not only do the floors bear the brunt of foot traffic and show the first signs of wear and tear, but they are also one of the first things your guests notice when they enter your house. The perfect floors are a combination of functionality and style fitted within your budget.

1. Color and Design

Picking the right color for your floor is a crucial decision. Whether you prefer a bold color or a lighter shade, you must choose the one that complements your sense of aesthetics. Dark wood flooring is trendy and works fine with a range of fabrics and design. However, flooring is permanent, and so you must choose a color that does not wear off fast. Opt for light color floors if you want to make your home look large and spacious.


All the rooms in your house do not have to have the same flooring material. The best way to make up your mind is to consider the area in question. For instance, hardwood floor would look elegant in a living room although they won’t serve the purpose in a bathroom where the moisture content is high, and you need a material that can survive it.

3. Durability and Maintenance

Do you see yourself replacing the floor in the near future? Also, are you okay with floors that need a lot of upkeep? These are the questions that you must answer before making a choice. If easy-maintenance is what you are looking for, choose laminate floors that need nothing but a quick mopping. Pay extra care for choosing the flooring material in the high traffic regions such as staircases, hallway, entryway, living room, and mudroom.

Project ideas

  • New updated state-of-the-art kitchen
  • New stylish bathroom with a walk-in shower
  • Hardwood floors throughout the whole house
  • Hardwood floor design in the entry foyer
  • New lush low alergenic carpet in the bedrooms
  • New laminate in the laundty room
  • New marble-look porcelain tiles in the living areas